Mythic Curios is home to magic sigils, fantastical jewelry, mystical paintings of gods and spirits, and one-of-a-kind sculptures of animals, creatures, and deities. Each item is hand-made, unique, and can be requested custom-made and personalized. This site is meant to house the archive of all our creative work, sold or gifted, as well as to provide a little bit of explanation on this “magic” stuff. To start shopping, please visit our Etsy shoppe!

More About The Crafters

Ty: Kemetic painter and enchanter. Ty leans heavily towards word-magic (heka), Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) symbolism and mythology, and animal spirituality and magic. Ty creates magic sigils, mythy mysticky paintings, and magpie-compelling shiny jewelries. Ty also runs the web side of the business and will happily answer all of your questions and messages.

Jerynn: Tribal jewelry craftsman and beadworker. Jerynn dabbles in shamanic forms of magic, exulting in the wild wood, engaging in animal spirituality and magic, and occasionally brushing up against Celtic mythology. Jerynn designs and handcrafts a wealth of unique, fantastical jewelry, from the exotic and elegant to the tribal and durable, as well as dangles for cars and musical instruments. Jerynn also takes care of item photography, packaging, and shipping.

Kaitlyn: Geeky soprano, sculptor and painter. Kaitlyn finds spirituality in song and inspiration through various forms of meditation. Kaitlyn sculpts imagined or sacred creatures into existence in polymer clay and is honored to craft forms of spirits and gods for those wish to hold a small piece of how they view the divine.