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Jewelry: Heru-wer Necklace

“A golden blade, sunshine and shadow.”

A necklace for the falcon-headed sun god, Heru-wer (Horus the Elder). The orange orb is the sun, crowned with a pale bone sun disc, wrapped with gold wire to symbolize sun rays. Five coral beads, resembling light-and-shadow tiger’s eye, symbolize the perfection of 4, plus 1 to oversee and unite the pillars. A natural piece of shell acts as the golden blade, gleaming in the light. Its partner is a mottled red-black bead, symbolizing Set (Sutekh/Seth), Who is Heru-wer’s twin; together, They bring balance. The orange and black rings are horn and can slide the length of the necklace, or be removed altogether; the black and natural-colored beads are bone.

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